1. The client is obliged to read the regulations of Dirty Lust Tattoo Studio Warsaw.
    2. Safety and hygiene rules:
      • a) The tattoo studio provides hand disinfectants.
      • b) The tattoo studio ensures the sterility of the tools and materials used for the procedure.
      • c) Only employees and clients are allowed in the studio, and if the client requires care, also his or her guardian.
      • d) For safety and sanitary reasons, accompanying persons, children and animals are not allowed in the salon – with the exception of guide dogs (the dog will stay in the waiting room during the procedure).
      • e) You must arrive at the tattoo studio at the agreed time.
      • f) Smoking and the consumption of alcohol and other stimulants is strictly prohibited in the tattoo studio. The studio does not perform treatments for people under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
      • g) It is strictly forbidden to touch objects used for tattooing and other accessories in the tattoo studio. Failure to follow the recommendations may result in permanent health loss.
      • h) It is forbidden to place private items on tattoo artists’ desks.
      • i) It is forbidden to eat food in the place where the procedure is performed (does not apply to drinks).
      • j) The studio only performs tattooing for adults. In the case of minors (from 16 years of age), treatments are performed only with the written consent of legal guardians and in their presence. The consent must be signed in person at the studio.
    3. Rules regarding registration:
      • a) The price of each tattoo is determined individually.
      • b) Before registering, you must complete a telephone or online consultation.
      • c) During the consultation, information regarding the pattern, its arrangement plan, advice on colors and the selection of other tattoo elements are discussed.
      • d) In order to reserve a date, the client is obliged to pay a deposit of up to 50% of the price of the tattoo. The deposit must also be paid for each subsequent scheduled date. We expect the deposit to be transferred to our bank account three working days after setting the session date. After this period, the booked tattoo date will be canceled.
      • e) The deposit is non-refundable in the event of the customer’s resignation. Failure to arrive on the scheduled session date or failure to notify at least seven days before the procedure will result in the loss of the deposit.
      • f) The deposit paid less than seven days before the tattoo date is non-refundable.
      • g) After setting the date of tattooing, the deposit can be paid in cash at the studio or by transfer to the Millenium Bank account 55 1160 2202 0000 0002 2037 5375. Please provide the date of tattooing and the name of the tattoo artist in the transfer title.
      • h) The studio reserves the right to change the set date for the tattoo.
        Making a payment (deposit) is equal to accepting the regulations and consenting to the procedure.
    4. Rules regarding design and implementation:
      • a) Tattoo artists prepare designs on the day of the scheduled session (the previously prepared design is an individual decision of the tattoo artist).
      • b) Designs and tattoos are subject to copyright. Copying is prohibited.
      • c) The studio reserves the copyright to the tattoos and their photos.
      • d) During the session, the pattern is finally determined, as its arrangement, size, colors, selection of other tattoo elements and preparation for the treatment are planned.
      • e) The tattoo artist may refuse to perform a tattoo if they consider that it poses a health threat or conflicts with his opinions.
      • f) The tattoo artist may interrupt the process if the client’s well-being deteriorates or changes in the skin structure occur (severe redness, bleeding and increasing release of plasma and blood).
      • g) In the studio we make covers of other works. However, we cannot guarantee that they will look like patterns performed on clean, previously untattooed skin.
    5. Aftercare rules:
      • a) After the tattooing process, we inform you about the rules of tattoo care.
      • b) The tattoo studio is not responsible for failure to follow the care rules after the treatment.
      • c) The tattoo studio is not responsible for the behavior of dyes on the body. Everyone is individually informed about the behavior of pigments due to the complex body healing process.
      • d) If necessary, we may make one free correction. You should go for a correction one month after getting the tattoo. After this date, the amendment will be charged.
      • e) We do not offer free corrections for finger tattoos.