Hand tattoos, especially those in the form of sleeves, can be a manifestation of personal history or passion. With the growing popularity of ink decorations, those created on the forearms, arms and even hands have become one of the most ravishing and impressive ways of expressing oneself. If you would also like to do this, visit us and we will definitely help you. Hand tattoos are one of our specialties.

Sleeve tattoos, also known as full sleeves, often cover the entire length of the arm, starting from the shoulder or elbow and going down to the wrist. Designing them is a process full of creativity that requires cooperation between the artist and the client in order to create a unique work of art. Each element, like the pattern or the colors, must be carefully selected to meet the customer’s expectations.

The motifs creating hand tattoos are extremely diverse. They may be inspired by culture, history, art, nature, religion, mythology, or even dreams and memories. From abstract compositions to realistic portraits, from geometric patterns to floral compositions – the possibilities are basically endless. And if so, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of it by getting your own, unique tattoo. Hands are particularly suitable for decorating if you want your tattoo to be easily visible.

A lot of people, despite their sex and age, decide to get tattoos on their hands, so they will be able to stand out almost anytime and anywhere. You can simply put on a plain T-shirt or roll up your shirt sleeves to reveal your ink decorations. What is more, hand tattoos can be performed on each side. In addition, the “sleeves” and smaller motifs are made in various colors, not necessarily black.