Tattoos on the back are not only a body decoration, but also very often a manifestation of personal history and passion. For centuries, people have used them to express their identity and belonging to a given group. Today, this type of “paintings” is one of the most popular forms of creating one’s own image. So if you want to work on your image, a tattoo on your back can be the solution. The back lends itself to its creation as well or even better than other parts of the body, which is worth taking advantage of.

Our experienced tattoo artists are ready to help you create a unique design that will perfectly match your preferences and lifestyle. If you dream of a tattoo on your back that will be both beautiful and unique please visit our studio. If you prefer bodily decorations without any deeper meaning, we also create these almost every day. It is worth knowing that a tattoo on the back or elsewhere does not always have to have a deeper meaning. Very often it is treated like an earring, a necklace or a ring – it is simply intended to be an attractive decoration.

What kinds of ink artworks are most often found on the back? Wing tattoos are one of the most common designs. Another popular motif is a tree. Flowers are also very popular. Images of animals such as lions, wolves and eagles are also common. Just like geometric patterns or mandalas. The back part of the human torso is very suitable for creating a tattoo. Back is a large part of the body, and therefore – you can create really large “drawings” on it. Therefore, you do not have to be particularly limited when it comes to the dimensions of this tattoo type.