From a medical point of view, a tattoo is an invasive procedure that involves breaking the continuity of the skin and introducing dye into the dermis, specifically the papillary layer of the dermis. It results in permanent skin pigmentation. Both black and colored inks are used for tattooing.

We can make a quick appointment for smaller tattoos. There are several tattoo artists working in our studio and there is almost always someone who will be able to make such a tattoo in a short time. Larger tattoos usually require consultation and preparation of the design, so it is best to make an appointment well in advance.

Choose a form that is convenient for you. This may be via the contact form on our website, telephone, social media, e-mail or in person.

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The consultation and tattoo quote is always free with us whether it takes place online or in the tattoo studio.

Each tattoo is priced individually depending on its size, labor intensity and the place on the body where it will be performed. Each of our tattoo artists works in a different style, and tattoos are created at different times. The price of the tattoo also includes consultation, tattoo design and preparation of the position. More…

Send us a description of your tattoo by answering the questions below and we will choose the best tattoo artist for you.

*What is the subject of the tattoo?
*What style?
*What place on the body?
*What size approximately do you want it (in cm)?
*Should the tattoo be black/shaded or colorful?

A deposit for a tattoo is collected every time a tattoo date is set. This is 50% of the tattoo value.. The deposit is part of the payment for the tattoo and is a confirmation for us that you will show up on the agreed day. In case of failure to arrive on the agreed date, the deposit paid is non-refundable. The appointment date can be changed seven days before the scheduled date. Deposit paid less than seven days before the agreed date is non-refundable.

We do not make copies of other people’s tattoos or designs. We prepare an individual tattoo design for each client based on the description and/or photos sent. What we value most is the implementation of original projects.

Each of us is different and has a different pain tolerance. It all depends on the place, size and style of the tattoo. Nevertheless, regardless of the size of the tattoo, you must take into account discomfort during its execution. It is important to have a positive mental attitude towards the whole process. More….

We will present the tattoo design on the appointment day. Nevertheless, we consider each case individually depending on the size, location and complexity of the tattoo. The design is always prepared after consultation with the tattoo artist, and all possible changes take place in the studio on the day of the tattooing. All tattoo designs are created in our salon in this way. More…

Yes, you can get two, three or more tattoos during one meeting with one artist. It all depends on the labor intensity of individual designs. The smaller the tattoos, the more they can be made. Each time, the quantity must be agreed with the tattoo artist in advance.

Yes, you can get tattooed several days in a row. However, it requires a lot of determination from the person being tattooed, as it is a much more noticeable process – especially on the second or third day. For better work comfort of the tattoo artist and the tattooed person, we recommend getting tattooed at intervals of at least two or three weeks. This is also the time when your body has time to regenerate after the tattoo.

Yes, a minor can get a tattoo, but only with the consent of his or her legal guardian. We consider each case individually and reserve the right to refuse to tattoo a minor.

We consider each case individually. It all depends on what kind of scar it is, where it is, how long you have had it and what your expectations are when it comes to the tattoo. We have already completed such projects. Contact us for more information by sending a photo of your scar.

Yes, you can get a tattoo during menstruation, but you must remember that the touch of the tattoo needle during the procedure may be much less comfortable than after menstruation. Therefore, we suggest making an appointment after this period.

Read the regulations of Dirty Lust Tattoo Warszawa.

Get some sleep, rest, eat a caloric meal before getting a tattoo. Take something to eat and drink with you. Avoid energy drinks, coffee and sugar – they increase blood pressure and thin the blood. This may cause more bleeding. Don’t party or drink alcohol (preferably a few days) before getting a tattoo.

Moisturize the area that will be tattooed, but do not do it on the day of the procedure.

It’s best to have the appointment day free from any responsibilities. Especially if this is the beginning of your adventure with tattoos. We don’t rush during the procedure. Any rush is inadvisable. If you are getting a large tattoo, you can make sure that the next day is also free from obligations (or even two). It will then be much easier for you to take care of a fresh decoration and devote more attention to it at the very beginning, which is crucial for the proper healing process. Moreover, you have much better mental comfort during these days when you are at home.

We kindly ask you to take care of your personal hygiene before the procedure. We do not recommend strong perfumes and makeup on the day of tattooing.

Don’t shave the area where the tattoo will be made. We will do it on site in the studio. This way we will avoid cuts or irritations.


If you are getting a large tattoo, we do not recommend arriving by motorcycle or car. A tattoo session lasting several hours may cause great discomfort when returning home. Driving may be difficult due to inadequate concentration after the procedure.

Take clothes that you won’t mind if they get dirty and at the same time clothes that allow access to the tattooed area. Please bear in mind that in some cases you will have to undress to get the best effect of positioning the tattoo (the reflection of the tracing paper). For our part, we will try to carry out this process in the most comfortable conditions for you.

We have unlimited access to Wi-Fi in the studio. If it helps you or you feel like it, and it will not disturb the work of your tattoo artist and others in the studio, it is possible to use tablets or laptops. Take headphones and a charger with you.

Yes, we will correct and cover old tattoos, but each time this requires a personal consultation with the tattoo artist and discussion of your expectations. If this is not possible, we will ask you to send photos – preferably taken by another person. Please remember that covering or touching up an old tattoo will most likely require you to compromise on your design choices.

The care process may differ depending on the style, size and place on the body of the tattoo. After the procedure, you will receive detailed instructions, verbal and written, on how to care for your new tattoo. If you have any questions or doubts about the healing of your tattoo, please write or call us. We are always at your disposal. Don’t look for information on the Internet, from family or friends – each tattoo is different and requires an individual approach. More…

Tattoos very much dislike the sun, and even less so fresh, just-made decorations. Unfortunately, when the sun’s rays are applied to the skin, they lighten the tattoo and, in addition, tan the skin, which makes the tattoos less visible.

The healing process of a tattoo varies depending on the size, technique, style and place where it was made. However, in each case it is a period of up to three/four weeks. During this time, we recommend avoiding soaking (including swimming in swimming pools and natural water reservoirs), sauna, sports and sunbathing.

We do NOT perform ANY intimate tattoos on either men or women.

For organizational and sanitary reasons, please do not bring any company, children or animals – with the exception of guide dogs (the dog will stay in the waiting room during the procedure). In the case of tattooing minors, we require the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

We have tattoo vouchers for any amount from PLN 100. Vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase, during which time you must sign up for a tattoo. The tattoo voucher can be used at any tattoo artist in our studio. Tattoo vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. We do not give change from vouchers or divide them into smaller amounts. The voucher may be a deposit, but if you do not show up on the agreed date, it is not refundable. On the day of tattooing, you can make an additional payment if the value of the tattoo exceeds the value of the voucher. Vouchers are in paper form and can be sent by post. More….

Yes, we can perform such an allergy test for an additional fee. In our opinion, however, such an attempt will be unreliable in relation to a large tattoo and the several-hour procedure it involves. In such a situation, we recommend consulting a specialist.

Contraindications to getting a tattoo are:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • blood thinning medications
  • hemophilia
  • blood clotting problems
  • HIV or HCV/HBV infection
  • epilepsy
  • skin diseases
  • cancer
  • Leśniowski and Crohn’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • immunosuppression
  • postoperative conditions
  • severe somatic diseases
  • reduced immunity
  • stretch marks and scars.

In each case, we recommend consulting a specialist

Getting a tattoo disqualifies you from donating blood for six months.