About us

We are a group of individualists who found their place at Dirty Lust Tattoo Warszawa.

First of all, we want to create original and unique tattoos for you in a positive atmosphere.
This is what we care for the most!

We look at tattoos from a long-term perspective. A fresh tattoo is kind of a semi-finished product that will change with you over time and this should be taken into account. Even the most precisely finished line will lose its sharpness over time.

We want your tattoos to look good not only on the day of tattooing but, above all, years later.

We are here to help you go through the entire tattooing process, from choosing the design to healing. Never be afraid to ask questions!

You can count on us at every stage!

We encourage you to visit our blog and read our articles about tattoos. You will find a lot of answers to your questions there and also some interviews with our team, which will certainly allow you to get to know the artists better.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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